Dental Sealants in Jenison, MI: Teeth Protection at its Finest!

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The teeth are the hardest part of the human body, but it is still susceptible to damage like tooth decay. It goes especially to the teeth that are much harder to clean due to its form and location. An average child can have at least 20 primaries while an adult can have more or less than 32 teeth which are consist of incisors, canine, premolars, molars, and wisdom teeth.

Each tooth has its function in the mouth, premolars and molars are the ones in charge of chewing, grinding, as well as breaking down foods for proper digestion. Among the other teeth, molars and premolars are more susceptible to decay due to its form. It usually consists of grooves and pits that are deep enough to be reached when brushing, allowing bacterias to accumulate.

At Midwest Family Dental Care, we understand that despite proper dental care and hygiene there are still some factors that can cause damage to the teeth. With that in mind, we offer a solution that can help in the protection of the teeth in the form of Dental Sealants.


Dental Sealants


Dental Sealants are thin plastic coatings applied on the teeth with deep grooves and pits. They can either be transparent or tooth-colored to keep the aesthetics of the teeth after treatment. Sealants are performed to serve as a barrier that prevents bacteria from causing harm to the teeth. The grooves and pits can harbor harmful bacterias since these are not easily removed when cleaning, the bacterias can grow little by little and damage the teeth causing decay and resulting to cavities. Sealants smoothen and flatten the surface of the teeth to remove any areas where bacteria can accumulate; it also provides easy access when cleaning for better maintenance both of the teeth and the mouth.


Application of Dental Sealants

  • The dentist will first thoroughly clean the teeth to remove any harmful deposits, especially on the deep grooves and pits. It ensures that there will be no underlying issue on the teeth after placing the Sealant material.
  • Teeth are then rinsed and properly dried for the etching solution. It is an acidic solution applied on the treated teeth to slightly roughen the tooth surface. The process ensures the bond of the sealant material to the teeth for better results.
  • Once again, the teeth are rinsed and dried for the placement of the sealant. The liquid property of the sealant allows it to flow deep into the grooves and pits to keep out bacterias and food particles.
  • The material is then hardened with a special curing light for faster bonding.
  • The dentist would then examine the placement of the sealant and perform necessary adjustments to make sure that it does not affect the proper occlusion of the patient.

Keep your teeth healthy and fully functional by protecting it from bacterias and other harmful deposits with the help of Dental Sealants for a better oral condition.


Get added protection to your teeth with Sealants in Jenison, MI. Book your appointment with Midwest Family Dental Care! Our dental office is located at 2064 Baldwin St. Suite A, Jenison, MI 49428.