Helpful Tips in Preparing Your Child for a Dental Filling

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Despite brushing your child’s teeth diligently and limiting their sugar intake, it might still be possible for your child to develop cavities. This can be unfair, especially when other kids can get away with unhealthy habits and still have a pretty smile. Unfortunately, some children are just more vulnerable to cavities than others. Statistics have shown that 80 percent of all cavities occur in only 25 percent of children ages 2-5. This all comes down to a bacteria called mutans streptococcus, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Your child is not born with it, but it can be easily transferred from a cavity-prone parent to their child, usually through the sharing of spoons and toothbrushes. Once your child’s mouth is colonized, cavities will most likely be the result. 

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If your child has developed cavities, worry not! Dental fillings exist to help restore their beautiful smiles. Read on to learn some tips that will help prepare your child for a dental filling procedure.

Be there for your child during the appointment

The first tip for preparing your child when getting their fillings is to be present during the appointment. If not, find a guardian who can be with your child and provide them with undivided attention. Being available and being supportive makes a huge difference. 

Take your child on a tour of the dental office

This will especially help if your child is young. You can visit the dentist before you have your child’s cavity filled. Call the dentist and see if they offer short tours for families with young children. In this way, you can introduce your child to the dental world in a non-threatening way. 

Don’t let your child be exposed to other people’s fears

Fear is a learned behavior, and it is not an exception in the world of dentistry. Thus, it is best to avoid exposing your child to other people’s fears and negative thoughts about the dentist—this might discourage them from undergoing the procedure.


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