Laser Gum Therapy in Southwest Michigan

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In oral surgeries, the dentist uses a laser instead of using traditional scalpels for minimal bleeding and healing process. We at Midwest Family Dental Care in Southwest Michigan provides laser gum therapy with the help of LANAP® Protocol for the treatment of gum diseases.

What is LANAP®?

LANAP stands for Laser-assisted new attachment procedure that is a surgical treatment for periodontitis that targets regeneration rather than resection. It is a state of the art laser technology used for gum surgery that allows the dentist to remove damaged gum tissue without harming the healthy tissues surrounding it. The laser used in LANAP can also penetrate beyond the surface of the tissue for a more effective bacteria kill.

Laser Gum Therapy

How does LANAP® work?

  • Since LANAP is less traumatic compared to traditional surgery, the use of anesthetic is optional.
  • A soft tissue laser would be used by inserting it in between teeth and gums to eliminate bacterias and affected gum tissues.
  • Then an ultrasonic scaler or other handheld instruments would be used to remove the tartar buildup on the root surface.
  • Lastly, the laser would be used for the cleaning of the gum pockets and also by assisting in the sealing process to avoid germs from entering.
  • As the healing occurs, the gum tissues would re-attach to the surface of the teeth’s root.

Benefits of LANAP® Protocol

  • It causes less pain compared to the other conventional procedure
  • Reduces the anxiety caused by dental drills
  • Minimum bleedings, pains, and swellings during the treatment
  • Can preserve more tooth by removing cavities
  • Lasers can target the diseased gum tissues more accurately
  • Provides much shorter recovery time
  • Minimizes discomfort and sensitivity
  • The procedure is done without the use of blades
  • The therapy requires less time to be finished
  • Provides better and long-lasting results

LANAP® protocol is proven to kill bacteria that resides under the gums without damaging the healthy structures and tissues. It is also known to encourage the natural healing process of the gum tissues and even its reattachment to the root surface.

For more information about Laser Gum Therapy in Southwest Michigan and your many other options for effective dental restorations and preventions, be sure to contact  Midwest Family Dental Care today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible dental health results. Call us to get started on your new smile!