Three Things to Expect After Getting Dentures in Jenison, MI

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Tooth loss is no longer a problem in today’s time. The branch of dental care, restorative dentistry, had been working hard to provide people with a much favorable version of dentures. The said oral device is not as comfortable and natural-looking as it is before; but because of the advances in technology, dentures can now boast of their excellent features.


Replacing lost teeth with dentures, however, is not always a smooth experience—especially during the first 14 days of wearing the restorative device. That is why we at Midwest Family Dental Care listed down below the things that wearers should expect after getting dentures so they can prepare beforehand.

Three Stages After Getting Dentures

A day of pain and discomfort

The first day after the placement of dentures is a challenge. Apparently, the tooth needs to be extracted first before a denture is attached. The prosthesis will serve as a cover-up for the extracted site. During this time, pain and discomfort are present; that is why patients are advised to take pain reliever medicines. They must keep the restorative device in place and try not to dislodge it. The following day, wearers should see the dentist as recommended.

The healing days

On the second day up to the 14th day, patients are expected to heal. They may encounter discomfort once again, but this is only a part of their adjustments period. Wearers may notice some sore spots in their mouths, and they may also drool during these times. They may find it tricky to eat foods too! To aid this issue, we recommend sticking to a soft diet.

The ‘calm’ period

After the first fifteen days are over, everything will slowly go back to normal. While it is given that the patient may struggle eating foods or pronouncing certain words, doing these tasks are now easier. Also, sore spots will not anymore linger in the mouth.

Investing in dentures involves a great commitment. Wearers need to exert efforts to maintain the excellent shape of their device by practicing oral hygiene daily, visiting the dentist, and cleaning the teeth replacement regularly.

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