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Dr. Anupama Vurugonda

Dr. Anupama

Dr. Robert L. O’Donnell

Dr. Robert
L. O’Donnell

Jenison, MI, Kalamazoo, MI

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five stars

Angelina T.

Staff is very friendly and professional! I was able to get in right away with no wait! Highly recommend Midwest Family Dental!
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five stars

Dawn P.

I had 3 surgical extractions today and I am a wimp when it comes to dentists. This place is awesome. I didn't feel like the dentist was in a rush to hurry up and get to the next patient and she took the time to remove my teeth with care. I highly recommend this dentist.
Midwest Family Dental Care review 3
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five stars

Jenn G.

I had such a great experience here. The hygienist was gentle and friendly and they had a great price for a cleaning and exam without insurance.

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